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Set Up the account on the iPhone

ATT Email Login

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  •  12/July 2019
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If you have an iPhone, it allows you to set up different email accounts on the phone so that you could easily access your emails from anywhere; you just need a good Internet connection or wifi. Once you get done with the setup, you will enjoy all the amazing features of the particular email service. You can access the emails through the phone’s application, and if you set up your account on the iPhone properly, it allows you to send and receive messages from your phone. You only have to do the setup once, and you will get all the benefits. So if you want to set up accounts on the iPhone, you just have to get in touch with customer care number of the email service you want to setup, and they will guide you thoroughly. But before that, try some troubleshooting steps mentioned below which might help you to get done with the process.

Setup ATT account on the iPhone

Follow the given steps to add your AT&T account and do email login on your iPhone:

  1. Select settings on your iPhone home screen
  2. You need to select ‘mail.’
  3. In this step, you will see an ‘account’ option, select that and then choose ‘Add account.’
  4. You need to select ‘Yahoo’ and enter your login credentials
  5. Select the information that you want to download on your phone

You are done with the process, and you will be able to access at emails on iPhone