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  •  26 June 2019
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Verizon Email Not Working

Verizon email is one of the most prominent email services that is meant to serve the users with a greater approach and provide them a secured ground to access the best way of email communication. Now if you get some issues such as you to find that Verizon mail is not working properly despite connecting with high-speed internet, then you need to look of the solution to get back the Verizon services. This issue may appear due to poor configuration and changes in settings. You can easily contact at Verizon customer support number and ask for the easy solution. However, this blog will also help you to remove the issue with some easy steps. You only need to follow this blog until the end

Easy process to solve the issue:Now you have some idea how the issue occurs in the device. Then you need to follow these steps to solve the issue. There are some proven methods that are being provided to guide you through the easy solution.

  1. Update the firmware of the device
    • Verizon mail automatically gets updated to keep the status active, but in some cases, it is stopped working then you need to follow these steps to solve it:
    • You need access to the settings of your phone
    • Then go to the about section and click on ‘check for Updates
    • There you can find available updates, and in single tap you easily install them

  2. Restart Verizon mail application: For the Android version 4.4 or later users, you can get the solution with these steps:
    • Go to the settings and open the Verizon mail application.
    • Now you have to force a stop to confirm the action twice.
    • Once it stopped then wait for 30 seconds and again try to open the Verizon mail again.
    • Now you can easily remove the issue.

  3. Re-install the Verizon app : You have to uninstall the Verizon app if you are unable to get the solution from the above methods
    • Go to the settings, you will get the application option.
    • Once you click on it, navigate the Verizon app there.
    • Then tap on uninstall button and click on OK to confirm the action.
    • Once it removed from the phone, you need to download and install afresh.

Get further support at Verizon customer care:

Now you have the option to contact at Verizon customer care number if you are not getting the solution with these steps mentioned above. There you will be getting the exact resolution with a clear approach of problem-solving.

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