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How to resolve Xfinity Email Login problem ?


In 2010 Comcast Cable Communications launched XFINITY as a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation used to sell consumer cables, internet services, telephone etc. the rebranding of the Comcast corporations to XFINITY was met with may controversies as people thought that Comcast was trying to mask its past defects by branding itself with a new name. XFINITY email services have been on the rave ever since Comcast introduced it.

However, there have been many email login errors reported by the users over the years. And it has been brought to the notice that these problems are common and happens very often. If you want to know the causes that are responsible for XFINITY Email Login problems are:

  • Incorrect password: We as humans, often tend to forget important stuff. Such is the case with passwords. We create them and we forget them later on and we end up putting in the wrong one. This simple mistake can be one of the problems that make it difficult to sign in to your email.
  • Bad internet connection: This is also one of the cases which could affect your logging in process. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Check your internet router and your internet setting properly before trying to log in.
  • SMTP authentication setting: If your SMTP authentications are not correct then you will face problem logging in. make sure it is kept Enabled all the time.
  • SSL connection settings: it is vital that you check your SSL connections as this enables you to securely sign in and send and receive emails containing personal and private information.

Although there are errors and defects in the XFINITY software and email services, there are also some features which totally negates the faults in it. These features are innovative, productive and promising. In case you are wondering what these features, then look no further. Highlighted below are some amazing features that XFINITY email has to provide.

  • Overviewing your email account: the XFINITY email services provides an overview of everything that happens in your email. You can personalize your emails and associate certain emails to certain groups like important, spam and personal.
  • Change your display name: Display name is the name that appears in the recipients ‘from’ field when you send an email. You can change it to your preference.
  • Create an email signature: You can create your personal email signature and send it along with your basic information like phone number, your position in your job etc. to the client’s or acquaintance’s email address.
  • Setting up of auto-reply messages: you can now easily compose a reply and set it up to be your auto-reply message whenever you are busy or away from your computer and is unable to answer

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